How much is the shipping cost ? 

International Shipping

- For Orders inside the Iberian Peninsula (Spain and Portugal mainland) the shipping cost would be 10 euro

BUT if your order total amount (exc shipping) is bigger than 50 euro, you will get FREE SHIPPING !!!. 

- For Orders to the Balearic Islands, the shipping cost would be10 euro, you would get FREE SHIPPING if your Order is bigger than 100 euro.

- For Orders to the Canarian Islands, Ceuta or Melilla, the shipping cost would be always 15 euro.

- For Orders shipped ALL AROUND EUROPE the shipping would be 15 euro and you will benefit of FREE SHIPPING if your order is bigger than 300 euro (except Switzerland, Norway, Sweden, Finland, Bulgaria, Slovakia, Slovenia, Estonia, Greece, Ireland, Latvia and Lithuania where the shipping may more expensive).

- We ship Worldwide but the shipping costs to Countries outside Europe vary too much depending on the size of the package. So if you want to order anything from outside Europe we recommend you to Contact Us or Email us ( [email protected] ) with the parts/products you want and your Country and we will quickly calculate a custom Shipping Quote for your order.


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